Monday, June 15, 2009


An important event at the U.S. State Department on Friday means good news for women - and men - around the world, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton swore in her friend and former Chief of Staff Melanne Verveer as the first ever U.S. Ambassador for Global Women's Issues.

"There is so much work to be done to improve the status of women and girls in many parts of the world" Hillary said earlier this week. "Every single day, you can pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV or log on to a website and see the reports of terrible assaults on women's progress. We have to fight these attacks on women's rights, and we have to address the conditions that hold women back and continue to make them the majority of the world's poor, hungry, and unhealthy."

"I don't believe that we can be successful in the many challenges that we face around the world if we don't stand up for the rights of women."

There is so much to be done; but let's take a minute to cheer the new Ambassador for Global Women's Issues - and the commitment of the United States to the lives of women and girls around the world.

Melanne was one of the founders, along with Secretary of State Clinton, of Vital Voices. When I congratulated Melanne via email on her appointment in March, she wrote back to me and said, "Thanks, dear Mary. You've been an ambassador for a long time."

That meant so much to me--and how generous of her--even though I'm still plugging along to try to do even part of what she has accomplished!